About Us

Inspired by Design.
Driven by Purpose.


To create a new standard of living and constitute a new nexus, bringing luxury and affordability together in a decorous manner.


Stand by our principle of delivering quality service that stands apart and humbly take responsibility towards our duty to our beloved customer.


To deliver top-tier home furnishing products and inspire new homes and the people who complete these homes with remarkable service.


What we really do?

We at Asghar Furniture LLC follow a Direct-to-Customer sales approach. We manufacture our own furnishing products and hold our own distribution channels. Our eCommerce website is a platform created to make our services available to the customers in the most convenient way possible. Along with this, We also provide our services through our own retail stores. Hence holding an omnichannel distribution giving us the advantage of being able to dictate a high standard of service and product quality while maintaining unbelievable prices. It keeps us in line with our mission.

For more information on our production process visit our FAQ section.

What Inspired Us to Grow

As we delivered more and more products to our customers, we realized how the whole process could be simplified and started working towards that goal. Which was to eliminate the involvement of middle men. We wanted to design our products, produce and deliver them on our own so each step could be perfectly executed. From crafting the furniture to delivery and installation.

Legacy of our Company

Established in the year 1977. Asghar Furniture LLC has come a long way from its roots, from being a small retail store to becoming a manufacturing giant with its own omnichannel distribution. We aspire to become more than just a furniture store!

Services we provide :

Get your customized furniture with a custom laser engravement, that brands your furniture product. Giving it a fully personalized touch, made just for you.

We can customize any product from our catalog in our online stores. within every aspect of its design as per your personal requirements.

We also provide you the option to bring in your own product design and we will produce it for you exactly, as per your requirement.

Note: For all Custom Design orders please get in touch with one of our agents. In order to get a price quoted for it. Since the resources and depth of design are subject to change.

We provide the service of upholstering your existing furniture and giving it a brand new look from a wide range of premium fabrics. Ofcourse the choice will be yours…

If you require a guiding hand, we will send one of our trained professionals to your home. Who will assess your space as per the design aspect and guide you as to what can be the best solution to your requirement.

We provide free delivery all across UAE. For more information please visit our Delivery section.